Wood Chips on a Gas Grill: Tips & Tricks

When you use a smoker gas grill, it infuses your food with a great smoky flavor. Hence, for more flavor, you can smoke food using smoky wood chips on your gas and charcoal grills.
Here step by step guide has been inscribed. Here we go.


things to know about gas grills

Many of you have used gas grills, as we know that a gas grill is a type of grill that cooks food with the help of gas jets. You can cook food under its cooking surface. The gas grill is made up of stainless steel. The excellent cart design grill is somehow extensive, large, and portable.

A gas grill is fueled by either natural gas or liquid propane. On a gas grill, you can grill meat on wood chips as well. In this post, we are going to discuss the use of wood chips on a gas grill. So, don`t skip your reading.

gas grill

How to use wood chips on a gas grill


First and foremost is the preparation of the gas grill using wood chips. When you are going to prepare the wood chips on a gas grill. You don’t have to be afraid. It is a very simple and enjoyable task. You can do it to add more flavor to your grilled dishes.

Wood chips grilling infused a more delicious flavor in your food. There are a few steps you need to follow, and your wood chip grilling set is ready to move on for the better taste, better aroma, and better texture of your food. In the given text, step-by-step guidance is mentioned.

Select the wood chips

The important task is to select the wood chips. There are different kinds of wood chips are available in the market. Every wood chip is made up in a unique style and nature. Some of the different wood chips are hickory wood chips, mesquite wood chips, apple wood chips, and cherry wood chips.

Types of wood chips

Some people think that different wood chips give a different flavor to grilling food and meat on gas grills. You can choose any of these wood chips for the sake of experimenting with different types of your favorite food. Before using wood chips on the gas grill, you have to soak the wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes.

Soaking up will help wood chips to catch fire in a better way. When gas grills get more fire, it will ensure your cooking period will be increased and you can longer smoke on the gas grill with the help of wood chips. To select the wood chips, you have to consider these parameters such as:

Consider the type of wood chip:

As we know that there are different types of wood chips. Every wood chip imparts a unique flavor to your food, before using it drain them in water. You can consider wood chips like apple wood chips, and cherry wood chips. These are called fruit wood chips. It provides a sweet flavor to your food.

apple wood chips and cherry wood chips

On the other hand, you can choose hickory wood chips, and mesquite wood chips as well. This kind of wood chip is robust more. Now it depends on you, which kind of flavor you want to add to your food. Choose accordingly your taste, aroma, and texture.

hickory wood chips and mesquite wood chips

Look for the quality of wood chip

Quality is very important; it truly matters for your griller. Ensure that wood chips are good in quality, these should not be treated with chemicals and additives. Before buying wood chips better look at the quality. You can get wood chips from your local hardware store, grill store, and others. Some famous brands such as Weber, Traeger, and Jack Daniel`s wood chips are available in number one quality.

Weber Traeger and Jack Daniels wood chips

Soak the wood chips

Now before starting to cook food with a grill when using the gas grill. You have to soak wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes that your choose. Soaking up wood chips will prevent the wood chips to catch more heat and fire. It will help you to increase the cooking period so, that you can cook food for a longer time.

soaking wood chips

Drain the wood chips

When you soak wood chips in water. It helps you to slow down the heating process. When smoke is released. It adds flavors to your food along with grilling. So, if you don`t properly drain wood chips. Water can cause steam instead of smoke. It may result in fewer flavor outcomes. So, you have to drain all the water after soaking wood chips in water.

wood chips

To drain wood chips, you can use the strainer, or colander to remove extra water in it. The wood chips should be drained and water free at least. You can dry the wood chips with towels.

When wood chips are ready, properly drained and dry. Then, you are ready to grill the food on the gas grill. Always remember one thing, before start grilling food, place wood chips in the box of the smoker grill and cover up the wood chips with foil paper. While rapping up, you have to make little holes in your foil paper, so that smoke escaped from it.

Adding the Wood Chips to the Grill:

The first step is to take wood chips and make the right choice while selecting wood chips. Now the 2nd step is to add the wood chips to the gas grill. To add wood chips, you have to heat the grill grates. Now cover the wood chips with foil paper. Poke small holes in foil paper to escape the smoke from it. And add wood chips to the box of the grill. Start grilling food and make your cooking tastier.

Place wood chips on the grill

when you place wood chips in the smoker box, use grill grates over the heat source. But if you are using foil paper, you can directly place the grills over the heat source.


Start Grilling

After placing the wood chips, you have to cover the lid of your gas grill and start cooking your food. When wood chips heat up, it infuses flavor into your food.

Locate the smoker box

A smoker box is a metal container, usually made of stainless steel, located beneath the cooking grates and on top of the griller in a gas grill. It is designed to hold smoking materials, such as wood chips, and infuse the food with a smoky flavor.

To use the smoker box, fill it with your preferred smoking material, place it on top of the burners, and turn on the grill. As the grill heats up, the smoker box will release smoke, adding a delicious smoky taste to your food.

How to Use a Smoker Box on a Gas Grill

Fill the smoker box with wood chips

If you want to add a delectable smoky flavor to your food on a gas grill, you can fill the smoker box with wood chips. Open the smoker box and put your preferred type of wood chips inside it, then securely close the box. After that, place the smoker box on top of the burners, beneath the cooking grates, and switch on the grill. As the grill heats up, the wood chips will start to smoke, creating a flavorful smoke that will infuse your food with a rich smoky taste.

Prepare Your Smoker Box

Place the smoker box on the grill

To use a smoker box with a gas grill, it is important to position it correctly. To do this, simply place the smoker box on top of the burners and below the cooking grates. By doing so, the burners will heat the smoker box, and the wood chips inside it will start the smoker and release smoke.

After positioning the smoker box on the gas grill, you can add your preferred type of wood chips to it and start cooking your food, allowing it to be infused with a delicious smoky flavor.

How to Use a smoker Box on a Charcoal Grill

Grilling with Wood Chips:

Using wood chips to grill on a gas grill is an excellent way to add a smoky taste to your food. Firstly, you will require a smoker box, which is usually placed on top of the burners and beneath the cooking grates. Fill the smoker box with your preferred type of wood chips, such as hickory or mesquite, and position it in the correct place on the gas grill.

how to use a wood chips on gas grill

After that, turn on the gas grill and let it warm up. As the grill heats up, the wood chips will start to smoke, imparting a delightful smoky flavor to your food. You can grill various types of food with wood chips, including meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

It’s worth noting that it’s unnecessary to soak your wood chips before using them. Soaking them can produce more steam than smoke, resulting in less flavorful food. Additionally, you can try experimenting with various types of wood chips to find your preferred flavor combinations.

Preheat the grill

It’s crucial to preheat a gas grill before using it. To preheat the grill, turn it on and select the desired temperature. Wait for at least 10-15 minutes, or until the grill has reached the desired temperature. This step is essential because it ensures that the grill is hot enough to cook your food thoroughly and prevents food from sticking to the grates. While preheating, it’s important to keep the grill lid closed as it helps to retain the heat inside.

Preheat the grill

Place the food on the grill

After preheating the gas grill to the desired temperature, it’s time to place your food on the cooking grates. Ensure that you position the food evenly and avoid overcrowding the grill. Close the grill lid and let the food cook according to the recipe or your personal preference.

Place the food on the grill

It’s advisable not to lift the lid too often to avoid losing heat and increasing the cooking time. You can use a thermometer or timer to check the internal temperature of the food to ensure that it’s thoroughly cooked. Once done, carefully take the food off the grill with the appropriate tools and serve immediately.

Cover the grill and let it smoke

If you want to add a smoky flavor to your food using a gas grill, you need to cover the grill and let it smoke. This can be achieved by using a smoker box filled with your preferred type of wood chips. Place the smoker box on the burners and below the cooking grates, then turn on the grill and let it heat up until the wood chips start to smoke.

After the smoker box starts to smoke, you can put your food on the cooking grates and close the grill lid to allow the food to cook with the smoke flavor. You need to monitor the temperature of the grill to ensure that the food is cooking evenly. Once the food is fully cooked, turn off the grill and use the appropriate tools to remove the food. Serve immediately and enjoy the delicious smoky flavor.

Cover the grill and let it smoke


When you are using gas grills and charcoal grills even, you have to clean and maintain them as well. Now the following steps are the guidance to keep your grill maintain properly.

Maintaining a gas grill is crucial for its proper functioning and longevity. To keep your gas grill in good condition, here are some recommended steps:

  • Clean the grill grates after each use to prevent food from sticking and reduce the risk of flare-ups.
  • Wipe down the exterior of the grill with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any grease or dirt build-up.
  • Regularly check the burners for damage or rust, and use a wire brush to remove any rust. Replace damaged burners as necessary.
  • Ensure that the propane tank is undamaged and securely attached to the grill. Test for leaks by applying a soapy water solution to the connections and replace the tank if bubbles form.
  • Inspect the hoses for any damage or wear and replace them if necessary.
  • Properly store the grill, especially in areas with harsh winters, by covering it or storing it in a covered area.
Clean the Grill

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your gas grill remains in good condition and provides you with delicious grilled meals for many years to come.

Monitor the temperature

To achieve the desired cooking results on a gas grill, it’s crucial to monitor the temperature. Here are some guidelines and tips that can work effectively:

  1. If your gas grill has a built-in thermometer on the lid, use it to measure the temperature inside the grill and adjust the heat accordingly.
  2. If your grill does not have a built-in thermometer, you can purchase a grill thermometer that attaches to the grate for a more accurate temperature reading where the food is cooking.
  3. For even more precise temperature readings, use a digital thermometer to check the internal temperature of the food, especially when cooking meats to ensure they are cooked to a safe temperature.
  4. It’s important to be aware of any hot spots on the grill, which can be determined by observing where the food is cooking more quickly or by using an infrared thermometer.
Monitor the temperature

Replenish the wood chips as needed

Adding smoky flavor to your food on a gas grill requires replenishing the wood chips as needed. Here is some guidance that can work effectively:

  • Soak every type of wood chip in water. Put a wood chip in water for at least 30 minutes. Before starting cooking, use wood chips to prevent them from burning too quickly and creating more smoke.
  • Once the grill is preheated, add the soaked wood chips to the smoker box or wrap them in aluminum foil with holes poked in it, and place the packet on the grill grates.
  • Monitor the smoke produced by the wood chips periodically to ensure they are still smoking. If they stop smoking, add more soaked wood chips to the smoker box or foil packet as needed.
  • To achieve your preferred flavor, experiment with different types of wood chips as they will impart different flavors to your food.

By following these tips to replenish the wood chips as needed, you can enhance the flavor of your grilled food on a gas grill with delicious smoky notes.

Clean the smoker box after each use

Maintaining the quality of your grilled food requires cleaning the smoker box after each use. Here are the steps to follow when cleaning the smoker box:

  1. Wait until the smoker box has completely cooled down before cleaning it.
  2. Dispose of any remaining wood chips from the smoker box.
  3. Use a grill brush or scraper to remove any burnt-on debris or residue from the smoker box.
  4. Clean the inside and outside of the smoker box using warm, soapy water and a sponge or cloth. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly with clean water.
  5. Dry the smoker box using a clean cloth or paper towel.
  6. Store the smoker box in a dry place to prevent rust or corrosion.
Clean the smoker box after each use

By cleaning the smoker box after each use, you can ensure that it is free of any contaminants that can negatively impact the flavor of your grilled food.

FAQs About Wood Chips on a Gas Grill

Do I need to soak wood chips for the gas grill?

Yes, you need to soak the wood chips before using them on the gas grill.

Can you put wood chips in a gas grill?

Yes, you can put wood chips in the gas grill.

Where do you put wood chips on a gas grill?

You can put the wood chips in the smoker box inside the grill. Before starting cooking, preheat it and the put foil cover wood chips in it. then that you’re cooking.

How long does it take for wood chips to smoke on a gas grill?

It would take only 1 to 2 hours to smoke food on the gas grill.

Conclusion How to Use Wood Chips on a Gas Grill

So many people use gas grills to smoke their food, as it provides a number of delicious flavors to your food. Wood chips are also available in different types. So, for valuable cooling and favorable cooking, you can choose different wood chips as well. In this article, all the parameters and guidelines are explained about the use wood chips on a gas grill. We are sure, it would definitely help you to make your cooking tasty by using wood chips.

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