Best Electric Smokers Reviews & Buying Guide

If you have ever gone through the process of barbecuing to enjoy smoked meat you might know the struggle behind tackling wood and coal which took a lot of time. But Electric Digital Smokers have entered the market to solve all these issues. These premium electric smokers are easy to handle, hassle-free, and more convenient as well.

 Best Electric Smokers 2022 Reviews

You can enjoy home-cooked hygienic and yummy food in no time. Talking about safety, premium electric smokers are much easier to handle and safe as well. No hand burns and easy to clean.

If you are a meat lover having a Best Electric Digital Smoker would never be a bad choice for you. It can cook tender, perfectly cooked meat in no time. It’s essential for the evening get-together s and parties as well. Portable smokers are easy to carry and add up to the fun of evening brunches.

Our Top Picks for Electric Smokers

Best Electric Digital Smoker 2022
Z Grills ZPG-7002E 2020 Upgrade
  • Multi-Tasker
  • Brand Warranty
  • Good Capacity
  • Digital Temperature display and control
Best Electric Digital Smoker
Camp Chef 24 in
  • The smoker comes with attachment capability.
  • Easy cleanout
  • Free side accessories
  • Multifunctional
Best Electric Smokers Under 300
Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog
  • Budget-friendly
  • Built-in temperature gauge for easy usage
  • Grease tray for cleanliness
  • Easy to assemble

Top 7 Best Electric Smokers 2022

Here you can read the reviews to know about these products given below.

1. Traeger Grills Pro Series – Best Electric Smoker.

Best Electric Smoker light weight


Brand: Trager
Model Name: 10251
Power Source: Wood-Pellet
Fuel Type: Wood-pallet
Item Weight: 46.49 Pounds
Dimensions: 27*53*49 inches
Color: Bronze

In my opinion, Traeger 10251 is one of the best electric smokers. I bought this for the outdoor family brunches in my garden area. It is big and looks great with a lot of capacity and is still very easy to move due to its wheels which can carry it on all types of terrains. The solid construction of the body is carried out by the use of steel which has made it durable and rust-free.

The best part is the electric rod is the reason to directly tender the meat or any food, but to give food a traditional touch, a wood pellet is used as a grill to enhance the woody smoke flavor. The wood-fired food which I made in this smoker is far more delicious than the one cooked in a regular electric smoker.

The Pro Digital Smoker can be controlled with a pro digital controller. The digital smoker is enhanced with advanced grilling logic control which easily detects the need for heat for the food to cook perfectly and increases or decreases the temperature by 15 degrees F.

The pro electric smoker is also versatile. I bake cakes, grill, smoke, roast chicken and make delicious burgers using the same equipment. It can guarantee precise grilling to a temperature of 450 degrees F which is high enough for me to cook food in no time.

  • Consistent heat all over for perfect grilling
  • No grease as it is carried away by a drip tray
  • Comes with a digital pro controller
  • Has good capacity
  • Pellets need to be cleaned for continuous working.

The Traeger grill is at the top of the list due to its premium features. It comes in a modern design and is durable as well. The electric smoker smokes the food well and in good quantity. It is the best option to buy for people who love to eat.

2. Z Grills ZPG-7002E 2020 Upgrade – Best Electric Digital Smoker 2022

Best Electric Digital Smoker 2022


Brand: Z Grills
Model Name: 2021 Upgrade
Power Source: Wood-Pellet
Fuel Type: Electric, Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Item Weight: 84 Pounds
Dimensions: 48*22*51 inches
Color: 700 Silver

I got this premium smoker as it is one of the best Electric Digital Smoker in 2022. For a few years, I was looking for a smoker like this to enhance my cooking experience. My search ended when I saw this and bought it in no time for my garden brunches.

The premium digital electric smoker has a durable construction made of stainless steel which saves it from corrosion and gives a sleek design. It’s been in my backyard for six months and is facing all the weather conditions without even a stain of rust. The premium polish finish still keeps it as new as it was when bought.

The eight-in-one premium wood smoker is easy to use as it starts up the process of cooking with only a button. Furthermore, it comes with an all-time L.E.D. temperature display which keeps me informed of the temperature inside. To make the cooking process perfect it digitally adds up or reduces a temperature by ten Fahrenheit. The auto-ignition process is helpful to learn how to make smoked food even for a beginner like me.

I was able to cook for the whole family in this premium electric smoker due to its capacity of almost 20 pounds. The temperature range from 180 to 450 degrees helps me to cook delicious smokey food in no time. The rust-proof working shelf is foldable so that I can easily use one side in case I want to cook less food.

The only benefit of using the old non-electric smokers was that the food cooked tasted good due to the flavors of smoke from burned wood. The new Z grill has solved the issue. It comes with extra technology in which a small amount of wood is burned in the burner to give the traditional smoked flavor.

  • Multi-Tasker
  • Brand Warranty
  • Good Capacity
  • Digital Temperature display and control
  • Convenience
  • It takes time to regulate the heat.

When it comes to heavy electric smokers, Z smokers are best due to their up-to-the-mark composition. The fold-able smoking tray is rust-free and is capable of being stored easily. Above all, the main purpose of buying, and making smoked food is done efficiently and perfectly as well.

3. Bradley Smoker BTDS76P – Best Portable Smoker

Best Portable Smoker review


Brand: Bradley Smoker
Model Name: BTDS76P
Power Source: Corded Electric
Color: Silver
Item Weight: 57.5 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 14*17*31
Fuel Type: Electric

The Bradley smoker is one of the Best Portable Smokers which can be carried out easily in any area for picnics. The pro-electricity-operated smoker is easy to handle as it works by electricity and helps to cook delicious smoked food anywhere. I bought this premium smoker for all the parties and get-togethers at beaches and parks.

The Bradley smoker is a treat to use. Talking about its structure, the outer body is composed of double walls of carbon steel which makes the smoker durable and powder epoxy on the outer side makes it more likely to resist rust. Being rust-free is at top of the list of the quality smokers as these are mostly used outdoors and can easily catch rust due to moisture exposure. I have been using mine for a year and there is no sign of rust on it.

The premium electric smoker has a good capacity in it. It can accommodate 76L of food in it which makes it easier for me to serve a large friend or family gathering in no time. The four racks enable the cooking of many items at one time which is more convenient to make a variety of servings.

I tried to make a dish in it which took about eight hours of cooking. To my surprise, the smoker was able to work for eight consecutive hours without any interruption. The food was perfectly cooked due to an intensive heat of about 320 degrees F.

The preeminent smoker is ultra-convenient to use due to its heating elements which start at a single push. The smoker is a multi-tasker. I can easily do hot and cold smoking in it. It is fun to dry vegetables and meat in it as well for storage.

The best innovation in this premium smoker, which I loved the most, is 100 percent natural wood smoking bisquettes. These bisquettes give out smoke that is not color hence reducing the cleaning work. Being natural, the taste developed by the smoke is delicious. The part which makes it more fun is that when the bisquettes are about to turn in ash they extinguish by themselves so there is zero ash production. Each bisquette works for a good period.

  • Even smoke diffusing
  • Easy cleaning
  • Digital temperature control
  • Easy to use
  • Quality Construction
  • Does not have a fan kit.

The Bradley electrically powered smoker is on the list of premium smokers as it is portable and can easily be clean as well. The use of natural wood makes it hygienic. The ventilation system adds up to the quality as it does not allow smoke to stay on the food. Buying this would never be a waste of money.

4. Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog – Best Electric Smokers Under 300

Best Electric Smokers Under 300


Brand: Masterbuilt
Model Name: Analog Electric Smoker
Power Source: Corded Electric
Color: Black
Item Weight: 49.86 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 20*21.69*40.15 Inches
Fuel Type: Electric

The Masterbuilt electric smoker is The Best Electric Smoker Under $300. This electric smoker helped me achieve competitive results at a lower price with perfection. I bought this to have it in my backyard and to carry it with me to parks and mountains for a picnic. The smoker is above my expectations.

Quality construction has made the smoker durable. It is made of stainless steel which makes the smoker rust-resistant. The built-in glass window in the door helps to keep an eye on the food. This feature caught me the most as a beginner at roasting to have a look so that meat does not get overcooked. The inner steel grills are covered with charcoal which adds up to their durability and quality as well.

The smoker has a good space in it with four racks which allow me to cook for the whole family at the same time. Due to the 1,500-watt heating element, heat evenly spreads in all the racks. With all these features it is still lightweight which makes it easier to carry.

The wood shelf at the lower portion with some wood in it gives it a traditional smoker’s feel. These woods give a good smokey flavor with the comfort of cooking. Above all, the wood dish is removable to clean the ash. There is also a tray to hold all the excess food drippings for a clean cooking experience.

Besides being easy to clean, I also found it easy to handle with the help of its analog temperature adjustment system. The analog temperature system has an easy dial temperature button. The temperature gauge also has a display to keep me updated with the temperature.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Built-in temperature gauge for easy usage
  • Good capacity
  • Grease tray for cleanliness
  • Easy to assemble
  • Paint drips off a bit earlier

Masterbuilt is one of the premium electric smokers for money which are easier to carry and easier to assemble as well. These smokers are a gem at such a low price. These smokers also have pictured legs to carry it and a bag to keep them away from adverse effects of weather. Buying these would never be a waste of money.

5. Camp Chef 24 in – Best Electric Digital Smoker

Best Electric Digital Smoker


Brand: Camp Chef
Model Name: 24 in.
Power Source: AC
Color: Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions: 30*48*49inches
Item Weight: 162 Pounds
Fuel Type: Wood Pellet

24 in. is one of the best smokers made by a team of culinary experts who know the need of buyers and hence compose it according to their needs. The versatile smoker is designed to be used on all terrains such as the backyard or a mountain. It is a perfect smoke partner for camping.

I bought this grill to keep in the backyard for friends’ gatherings. This proved to be one of the best smokers as these are easy to clean and easy to use as well. Except that this smoker has a good capacity in which I can easily roast meat for all of my camping team of ten people.

This model by Camp Chef is loaded with the latest technologies which makes handling more easier for me. With the intelligent WiFi connection, I can easily adjust the temperature with the help of the Camp Chef connect application on the mobile phone application. Except that the sensors also work efficiently to notify at the time when the meat is properly cooked and is ready to serve. With this technology, it has become easier for me to put the food in a smoker and then forget it until the food gets properly cooked.

Camp Chef is composed of many layers of stainless steel. This quality composition of the best electric smoker makes it durable. I have been using this for a year. This grill is also weather-resistant and does not have any kind of rust on it.

The electric smoker has rods that cook the food and wood pellets to smoke it. This perfect combination results in delicious, tender, and juicy feed.

The six-in-one grill has a temperature range of 650 F which is good to cook perfectly. Other than that the smoker also has an intelligent technology system that can adjust the temperature by increasing or decreasing five degrees F according to the requirement.

The best electric smoker has accessories with it which I mostly use to make burgers while grilling meat. The fourteen-inch pan is made with good quality non-stick material. There is also a clean-out tray to take away all the ashes and make the premium smoker clean.

  • The smoker comes with attachment capability.
  • Easy cleanout
  • Free side accessories
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional
  • A bit expensive but worth buying.

Camp Chef is one of the premium smokers. It can be used for both outdoor and indoor baking and grilling activities. It is technologically rich which makes it easy to control. Buying this would always be worth your money.

6. Royal Gourmet SE2801 Electric Smoker – Best Portable Smoker

Best Portable Smoker 2022


Brand: Royal Gourmet
Model Name: SE2801
Power Source: Corded Electric
Color: Black
Item Dimensions: 37.1*19*20.6 Inches
Fuel Type: Electric

Royal Gourmet is a professional grill. The smoker is an innovation in the world of grills and smokers. The smoker is made of high quality. I bought this smoker for outdoor camping mostly and sometimes at home as well.

Royal Gourmet electric smoker is one of the best smokers for BBQ lovers due to its premium construction. The outer and the inner body of the smoker are composed of stainless steel. This stainless steel composition keeps the smoker water-resistant and rust-free as well.

I like the smoker as it is lightweight and portable but still has a lot of space for grilling and baking as well. I can cook for my whole family in no time. The three chrome racks help to maintain space for all the food to be cooked in a good quantity.

I use this multi-functional electric smoker to smoke, grill, barbeque, and dry as well. It does all these jobs very well as has a power of about 1500-watt. This 1500-watt generate heat power is evenly distributed to all the parts for perfect cooking.

The premium smoker is enabled with a lot of pre-designed features. These include the two handles through which I can easily carry the smoker even when it is hot. The spring door works great to avoid scalding. The latch system gives a good seal.

For easy cleanliness, the smoke is not gathered in the smoker by a proper ventilation system. The wooden tray present in the smoker gives a traditional feel but the good point is that there is an ashtray behind it to save the smoker area from getting messy.

  • Wood flavoring system
  • Easy to cleanup
  • Ample food capacity
  • Convenient to use
  • Reliable and durable
  • The temperature range is less.

The royal gourmet electric smoker is one of the best smokers due to its features. Being portable with handling accessories is one of the features which make it mandatory to buy this smoker. This smoker is budget-friendly so a must-buy for all BBQ lovers.

7. Smokin-It Model #2 – Best Portable Electric Smoker

Best Portable Electric Smoker


Brand: Smokin-it
Power Source: Corded Electric
Item Weight: 114 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 24*30*22
Fuel Type: Electric

Smokin-it is one of the famous companies which have earned its name by providing quality products. The company is certified by NSF so that it can sell its appliances to restaurants.

I bought this premium electric smoker for my business. This smoker proved to be a cup of hot chocolate. It works like a pro. The best part I like the most about the smoker is its premium quality construction. The smoker is made with thick layers of stainless steel which makes it durable and rust-free as well. The whole body of the smoker is insulated so that there is no loss of smoke.

The 800 W heating element is used in the smoker. This element provides high intensive heat which is evenly distributed all over the smoker for perfect cooking. Except that with the help of pressure maintenance caused by the insulation the time of cooking reduces and is more helpful.

The smoker is big with four grills in it. The premium electric smoker comes with extra space so that I can easily tackle bulk orders.

The smoker has wheels underneath for easy movement and cannot be Carrie due to being heavy. The slide under the smoker makes it easy to clean the ashes. The four inches of casters add up to the height of smokers. The door has a double latch hence the whole smoker is completely protected.

  • Well-built
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Comes with a huge capacity
  • Fully insulated
  • Not to be used in home

It is a great smoker with a lot of space which is good to be used in restaurants. High insulation is good to save energy and time as well. Sturdy construction helps to take work pressure. If you want to get a premium smoker for commercial use, this one is the right option.

A Quick Buying Guide!

It is always better to learn before you invest for the best results. To buy a premium smoker, it is good to keep your preferences in mind. To avoid all the mistakes and choose according to your preferences here is a buying guide to help you out.

Heating Ability

Heat ability is one of the key features you should look for before buying your electric smoker. The quality of how much the food is cooked and tender depends upon the heating ability of the smoker. It is better to buy a smoker which is above 750W or equal to provide the perfect perfect intensity of heat for the food to cook.


It is very important to keep an eye on the material before buying an electric smoker. Most electric smokers are used and kept outdoors and these smokers are more prone to weather conditions. It is better to use smokers made with thin aluminum sheets which are less affected by the temperature and have minimal chances to catch rust.


This feature completely depends upon how you want to use your smoker. If you want a smoker which you can carry easily with you in cars for picnics and other stuff like that it is better to buy one with less weight. If you just want to use the smoker at home and keep it in one place you can go with a heavier one.

Easy To Use

If you are a beginner or even a pro,
things that are easy to use are always liked by everyone. In the case of smokers, it is better to look for a smoker with digital temperature adjustment. All of the above smokers are best and easy to use with digital temperature control.

Hope that now you have learned to find out the best smoker to have a well-cooked smokey dinner.

Some Frequently Asked Questions!

1 Do electric smokers work well?

Yes, electric smokers are easy to use, work great, and are reliable as well. The only thing required is power. If you have the power, you can have good food.

2 Why are electric smokers the best?

Electric smokers are better than gas smokers in many ways. The gas smoker needs fuel every time but as the electric smokers have heating rods there is no need to check out the fuel. It is better because it is very easy to adjust the temperatures. To give a touch of traditional smokey taste a few wood chips are used only.

3 Should you soak wood before using it in an electric smoker?

No, the only reason to use wood in an electric smoker is to provide flavor and aroma. The cooking procedure is carried out by rod. So it is not necessary to soak the wood.

Final Verdict

If you are still confused about what type of smoker is best, here are some of the favorites that I love to use.
● If you want to get a large one with the capacity to cook in bulk Smokin-It Model #2 would be the best to use.
● If you prefer to stay home for meals with your family and a nice BBQ in the park Z Grills ZPG-7002E 2020 Upgrade is the best to use.
● Want to enjoy a smoked picnic it would be better to buy Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog which is easy to handle and good to use.

Hope that now you have found your favorite electrical smoker with the answers to all your questions.

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