By Eddie J. Harris

Hey, I ’m Eddie J. Harris and I run this website with friends, I get utmost of my grilling practice from feeding my own family and friends. I ’m then to help you learn further about grilling, smoking, and vicinity BBQ! With nearly a decade of manning the caff and helping over aspiring caff masters, you ’re in great hands! . I ’ve tried just about every type of caff, accessory, and contrivance you can imagine. Because of that, I'm then to help guide you to the stylish of the stylish and help you save time and plutocrat by avoiding the junk.
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How To Trim A Brisket: All Secrets Revealed! •

Trimming a brisket is fundamental to getting the ideal smoke on your meat brisket. This bit-by-bit guide will show you all you want to be aware of the most proficient […]

Brisket Vs Pulled Pork – Which One Is Better?

When it comes to barbecue classics, both brisket vs pulled pork makes the list of winners. It is somehow hard to beat the smoothness and richness of flavors in either […]

Camp Chef vs Traeger 2022 – Pellet Grill Comparisons

Traeger is the masterpiece and original king of the pellet grill. In comparison, Camp Chef is a fascinating hot pellet grill. It has heels with stupendous advancements and extraordinary features. […]

Griddle Vs Grill – Which Is The Better Complete Guide 2022

The difference is obvious. The grates have a smooth, even surface. Grills have significantly raised ridges, whether solid plates or bars with holes in between, to allow food to be […]